Mom who abandoned disabled daughter calls it "hoopla over nothing"

CARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A court has determined that the special needs woman left at Caryville bar late last month is a ward of the state and turned over custody of her to the Dept. of Human Services.

Lynn Cameron's mother who left her at a Caryville bar late last month returned to Tennessee on Tuesday and once again left without her - and without being arrested.

Eva Cameron, of Algonquin, Ill., told Caryville Police she did not want her daughter Lynn anymore. So, when she stopped at the Big Orange Bar last month, Eva told her daughter to go to the bathroom and took off. Because Lynn was unable to talk to authorities, officers spent days trying to identify her.

After meeting with authorities Tuesday morning, Eva Cameron was not arrested. On Monday, officials indicated she would face charges, but the District Attorney General's office determined she did not do anything wrong.

She talked to us on the phone while driving back to her Illinois home and laughed when she told us about the day she left her daughter alone at a Caryville bar.

"Well I didn't get the help I needed from Illinois. Someone from the church said why don't you go down to Tennessee, that's a good health care system. So I went down there and tried to close out my daughters social security bank up north and try to establish it in the south but I detoured and got lost. And then she became a Jane Doe and it wasn't supposed to happen that way. So it was sort of a glitch and hoopla over nothing."

We asked her about the decision to leave Lynn there and drive back home to Illinois. "Some people saw that and thought, how could a mother leave her kid at a bar?"

"Well the other one um..well the thing is, we thought it was a, we didn't know it was a bar. We just thought it was a, she just needed to go to the bathroom so (laughs) we don't drink. Its all a misunderstanding and a hoopla over nothing."

Lynn will now be taken to the Michael Dunn Facility in Roane Co. until her final status can be determined, including if she will stay in Tennessee or return to Illinois

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