Illness Forces Claiborne County Schools To Close

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TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On Tuesday, school officials in Claiborne County started noticing a drop in attendance. By Friday, almost 20 percent of the students were out sick...And as the day went on -- it just got worse. Assistant Director of Claiborne County Schools, Trent Williams says, "on Friday, we had about 190 students that came to school, got sick on the spot, and got sent home."

The students already had Saturday and Sunday to get well, which left school board members with a tough decision.

"The question was...Do you take Monday? That's what made it hard."

Today is the 17th day students in Claiborne have missed. 4 of those are being made up by adding 30 minutes to the end of each school day.

"Being out for illness is no different than being out as far as the school calender goes. It's no different. It has to be made up."

If any more days are missed due to illness or snow...The school board will have to start cutting vacation days...And consider Saturday classes.

At this point in the year, Williams says, "We want to go to school!"

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