Begging for donations: Bills skyrocket for puppy saved by students

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NEW TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Students at Tazewell New Tazewell Primary school answer cries of help from a puppy who wiggled her way onto their playground and now they need your help to raise money for a life-saving surgery.

It was just another Friday afternoon on the playground for Erica Pressnell's 4th grade class; until her students saw a small dog limping towards them.

Teachers sprung into action by rushing the dog to the Claiborne County Animal Shelter to hopefully help the injured dog.

Erica Pressnell said "The shelter told us it looked like the dog was hit by a car and it would cost about $400 to save the puppy's broken leg."

But after a doctor's visit Tuesday night, the broken leg can't be fixed with a pin; it needs a plate costing $1500.

It was money neither the school nor the shelter had; so the kids dug deep to raise enough money for the surgery.

"In just one day we've had kids bring in quarters and dollars; enough money to raise over $200." said Erica

But it's not enough to save the puppy; that's why the kids are asking you to help. If you want to help you can send a donation to the school:

TNT Primary School
501 Davis Drive
New Tazewell, TN 37825

Make checks payable to: Claiborne Animal Shelter or visit the link at the bottom of the page to donate via credit/debit card.

All the money raised will help the injured puppy along with the other dogs and cats at the Claiborne County Animal Shelter.

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