Injured dog in Loudon wanders into the yard of a veterinarian

LOUDON, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Dozens of people shared a picture of an injured dog on Facebook to help him find his way back home.

He was discovered along a road in Loudon Monday evening by someone who would save him, a veterinarian.

"My husband and I were working in the yard and we noticed a dog wondering into our horse pasture. So I went down there to check him out and saw that he was injured," said Dr. Erin Dols. "He appeared to be blind because I saw his whole head was bloody and he was pretty disoriented and had injuries to both of his eyes."

He had no tag or chip, and neighbors didn't recognize him. Dr. Dols took him to her clinic at the McMinn Regional Humane Society.

"Each of these little marks on him is from a different piece of birdshot he was struck with," she said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Dols received a call from his owners and learned his name is Copper.

It's unclear what led to the shooting, but what we do know is he headed into the right direction.

"He's pretty lucky he wandered into our yard first and not to the busy highway that's just a couple yards down the road," Dr. Dols said.

Copper is now on the road to a full recovery.

Local 8 News did talk to his owner Tuesday evening. She said she's thankful he's alive, and plans to file charges against whoever did this.

His owners will be reunited with him on Thursday.

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