Is Thanksgiving too early for Black Friday deals?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- A lot of people may be ditching the turkey and heading out to shop this Thanksgiving.

Several stores are launching their Black Friday sales early, trying hard to compete for your money.

But not everyone.

Academy has some Black Friday deals going on before Thanksgiving to give their employees a break.

Store Director David Jordan says it gives employees a break, "Basically, we can give our associates time to enjoy friends and family and enjoy the day before the big rush on Black Friday."

And they're not concerned about losing money because their deals will be available online.

Stores like Publix say they're family oriented and closing on Thanksgiving is one way to show their associates how much they appreciate them.

But, for other retail employees they'll be up bright and early Thanksgiving morning . Doors at Kmart open at 6, Big Lots at 8.

Some shoppers, like Pat Blake says he won't be there.

"That's not for me, I could care less but, if it's for them I guess so, but no I think they should be back with their family."

For retail workers like Kelsey Houck, it won't be a normal Thanksgiving with her family.

"Personally as a worker it's kind of horrible. It's supposed to day we all gather up with family and cuddle at home but some of us have to be at work... My Family will pretty much hold their breakfast and then they'll do their dinner with me at night."

So how many shoppers will show up Thursday?

Kathy Grannis the National Retail Federation Spokeswoman says, "We know that last year 35 million shoppers were out in stores and shopping online on Thanksgiving day, and we're fully expecting to see just as many people this year."

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