Jane Doe came from 1 of the 13 southeastern U.S. states

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Investigators are one step closer to solving a murder case from more than two decades ago. We recently told you about forensic testing on a woman found murdered in Knox County. Amy Dobbs has been tirelessly working this case for 2 years and what she found is bringer her closer than ever to identifying the mystery woman.

There's a picture of Jane Doe showing what investigators think she looked like when she was murdered in 1987 in Knox County. Now there are two new photos showing the mystery murder victim at age 14 with two different hairstyles. Amy Dobbs says, "I hope we still have a lot of family alive to identify her."

Identifying her is difficult, but now there's more evidence than ever to help put a name with the face. The Smithsonian Institute, tested her teeth and narrowed down the region whre she grew up. Investigators say she was raised in the central and southeastern US in one of 13 states including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida. Dobbs says, "She could have come in from Canada we just didn't know. Now we know she came from one of the 13 states."

Jim Sterchi Road is where the woman took her last breath. Two men picked her up at a rest stop and brought her to the Jim Sterchi area to commit a home robbery, but the homeowner shot through the front door killing Jane Doe."

Neighbors found her body, but no one ever identified her. Now Amy plans on notifying all 13 states to try and get some answers.
Dobbs says, "We've got a lot to work with now and a lot of work needs to be done."

Jane Doe had a fractured collar bone, two fractured ankles and a fractured back. She also had a tattoo on her upper left arm. It was the letters "B.H.".

There is also a John Doe whose teeth were tested at the Smithsonian Institute. The media attention from that case has brought forward some great leads.

We'll keep you posted on both cases.