Jefferson City Fire puts pups in service

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JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) The Jefferson City Fire Department's got two new service members in training. The new public educators are a little unique. They're of the four legged variety.

Diver and Torli are 4 month old sister greater swiss mountain pups.

"I've heard of other firedogs in the service, and somebody had mentioned it. I had a litter of puppies so we said we'd try it out," said firefighter and trainer Dan Stanhuff.

The dogs are being trained to make public appearances and tour local schools teaching kids to stop, drop and roll.

"They'll get a lot more out of that then watching me crawl around and do it. They can get
down on the ground with the dog and follow what she's doing," said Stanhuff.

Eventually only one of the sisters will take over at the fire station.

"[Diver's] actually doing really well. She's hit a little spot right now where she's slowed down, but that's normal. It could take up to two years before I can count on her in every situation," said Stanhuff.

The other sister will work as a therapy dog. Both have been trained to visit nursing homes and to sense low blood sugar.

Until then...
"She helps out mainly around the station. Just making us laugh and helping us enjoy the day," said Stanhuff.