Jefferson County resident files lawsuit to reverse body farm decision

NEW MARKET, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Jefferson County resident filed a lawsuit against Jefferson County, Tennessee and the Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals.

Doris Ligon filed the lawsuit Wednesday in hopes to reverse the December 18 decision to approve the location of a cadaver research facility adjacent to her farm.

The lawsuit claims that the Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals exceeded its authority by failing to follow its own zoning resolutions in approving the body farm, despite recommendations of the County Planner.

“From day one, the majority of neighbors in this community have had concerns regarding this body farm being located adjacent to our homes and farms,” said Doris Ligon, plaintiff in the case. “We fully understand the benefits that this facility will have on the area. However, we’ve had to turn to the courts because a worthy cause does not give the ‘powers that be’ the ability to usurp their authority and arbitrarily make a decision that negatively affects the lives of those in the surrounding area outside the law.”

Ligon concluded, “The leaders of Jefferson County owe it to the people of the community to act in their best interest, and this decision was made without any regard to the law and perhaps more disturbingly without any regard to the desires of the hundreds of people in the community who have so courageously spoken out against the location of this facility.”

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