Jellico native receives "Airman's Medal" for brave actions overseas

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Dozens of people gathered at Veterans Memorial Park in Jellico Wednesday night for a 911 rememberance and honor ceremony.

They paused to reflect on the lives lost and honored those who served and continue to serve our country and community.

But what made the ceremony so special was 23-year-old Jordan Kellogg. The Jellico native received the "Airman's Medal" for his heroic actions while serving in Afghanistan.

"He's a brave man and that's wher we're here to honor him for," said Kevin Walden, Campbell County's Director of Veteran Affairs.

In November 2012, he helped save the lives of more than 30 people after a large fire broke out at a compound.

Kellogg was asked to go to Texas to receive the award with those he served, but he chose to stay home with his mother who has been battling cancer for a fifth time.

"I wanted her to see it," Kellogg said.

Kellogg told Local 8 News she's the reason he's the man he is today.

"She's proud of me, but I tell her she's my hero. She's the real fighter. I just did the right thing. I did what she raised me to do," he said.

His mom hoped to attend the ceremony Wednesday night but her health didn't allow it. Although she couldn't be there, Kellogg said what matters is that he's made his mom proud.

"She's the person I thank for that medal. She should get it not me. She's so strong," he said.

Kellogg served in the Air Force for four years. The "Airman's Medal" is the 9th highest award in the Air Force.

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