Jimmy Haslam "embarrassed;" several sales people on leave

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In his third public address following a federal raid at Pilot Flying J headquarters, CEO Jimmy Haslam said he was embarrassed by parts of the investigation.

Several top sales people were put on indefinite leave, just part of a 5 point plan laid out by Haslam geared towards rebuilding the company's reputation following accusations of engaging in rebate fraud with customers.

The second part of the plan involves an internal audit, the third calls for the elimination of "manual transactions" the FBI said was turned in a rebate fraud program.

Step four of that plan calls for the creation of a new position within the company, a Chief Compliance Officer.

Step five involves the hiring of a private investigation, a person Haslam said we will all recognize once their name is released.

During Monday's news conference Haslam said he already started the process of reaching out to trucking companies to mend fences, starting with Morehouse.

Haslam said, "We had what I would describe as, it wasn't cordial but a very professional conversation. He said 'I just want you to pay me my damn money if you owe me any'. I understand we have a long way to go but we're approaching it humbly, hat in hand and we'll do what we can to regain the trust in the trucking companies."

Haslam said Pilot became the least trusted business among trucking companies.

Curt Morehouse, office manager of W.N. Morehouse Truck Line, told Local 8 News his faith in humanity was restored when Haslam called him on Saturday and Monday afternoon after the news conference.

"He said he had a team of people working on us as his priority to figure out if they did owe us anything, and if they did, how much it was," said Morehouse who was told he'd get a call on Tuesday.

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