Crimetracker: Judge sentences man who nearly beat tow truck driver to death

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tycorrian Taylor addressed the Gandy family in court Thursday, telling Ron Gandy how sorry he was for almost beating him to death as Gandy tried towing his car.

"I accept it, but it's as worthless as the paper it was written on, like I said," said Ron Gandy.

Before the beating:

"My life was great, I had my own business, I was towing probably 25 to 50 cars a week, I was making money," said Gandy.

But now he's permanently brain damaged and in a wheel chair. His 17-year-old son, Jordan, has to take care of him. And Jordan told the judge he sometimes wishes he could switch places with Taylor because of what's happened to his dad.

"It's just hard sometimes - he's very aggravated and I just walk upstairs. I mean, he just blows up. I mean, I'd just like him to see what we go through on a daily basis," said Jordan Gandy.

The judge sentenced Taylor to the max - six years in prison for the aggravated assault and attempted voluntary manslaughter charges. Taylor was on probation for a marijuana conviction when he committed the crime. The judge ordered him to finish serving his probation sentence once he gets out of prison.

"I'm very satisfied with the sentence," said Gandy.

The Gandys said justice was served, although they wish the maximum sentence for the offense was more than six years.

Jordan Gandy is a senior in high school and said he'd like to restart Ron's Towing after he graduates.

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