Judge sentences woman to diversion in oatmeal attack

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/AP) — A judge has sentenced a Clarksville woman convicted of assault for pouring hot oatmeal on her husband to diversion.

Judge John H. Gasaway reportedly handed down the sentence for 52-year-old Karen Jeffries after a hearing during which friends and neighbors testified that she had a moral character, a strong faith and a passion for helping others.

Gasaway ordered a four-year post trial diversion program, but gave her the option of opting out after three years if she meets all the terms and conditions.

During the trial in March, Jeffries said she threw hot oatmeal at her husband when he lunged to attack her.

But her husband Douglas Jeffries said that's not the case. He told the jury he was asleep in a recliner when his wife dumped the pot of oatmeal onto him.

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