KARM Thanksgiving gift baskets giveaway

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Many of you did some of your grocery shopping this weekend for your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

But thousands in our area don't have the opportunity to buy groceries... and that's where the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries - among other organizations - step up to the plate.

Here's a look at this year's Thanksgiving gift basket giveaway:

"Hi, how are you?"

A friendly smile and plenty of love greet this large crowd in downtown Knoxville.

Nats: "box dropped"

Another thing waiting for them...

Nats: "picking up turkey"

Plenty of turkey and baskets packed up with other goodies-- around 17 hundred meals. The Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries wants to make sure families as large as five or six people don't go hungry this Thanksgiving.

It's a job that keeps these volunteers on their toes. But they love it.

David Bodenheimer, KARM Volunteer says
"I hope I'm making a whole lot of difference. Probably just a small difference in a lot of lives."

Nats: "Yeah. Come on."

This organized chaos...

Nats: "picking up turkey"
Nats: "three. Ok. Four.

Has a purpose that is clear.

Derek Glandon, who is getting help from KARM says,
"It's a blessing from everybody just to come out here and help out and the people that really do need this."

Derek Glandon is struggling to pay the bills. But this Thursday, he says his family of four - especially his young daughter - will have an answer to prayer at the dinner table.

Derek Glandon, who is getting help from KARM says,
"The kids is going to come first, and whatever's left we get to eat."

A similar story can be told by others getting a gift from their community.

Larry Thomas, who is getting help from KARM says,
"Thank God that we've got some help. Because me and my daughter just draws a very little income and It's taken every dime we've got just to pay out rent and our lights."

A brighter light shines down today - even if just for a few moments.

And even some of the volunteers may walk away with something that could last a lifetime.

David Bodenheimer, KARM Volunteer says,
"My heart goes out to them. If they're learning the right way, to take care of their fellow man."

KARM expects that 300 to 400 more people will be reaching out for a Thanksgiving basket this year than there were last year.

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