NEW: KPD preliminary investigaton into human remains in West Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knoxville investigators say they have completed an initial investigation into remains a construction crew stumbled on in West Knoxville on Monday, December 30, 2013.

Forensic examiners say the remains appear to be that of a middle-aged white female. The Knoxville Police Department says there are no indications of any type of trauma, and it appears to have been a natural death.

Investigators are continuing their efforts to identify the remains; a KPD spokesman says how long the process may take is unknown at this time.

Knoxville investigators want to know whose remains a construction crew stumbled upon in West Knoxville Monday morning.

Investigators say a crew tripped over someone's skeleton while working a site on Middlebrook Pike near Knott Road just before noon.

The Knoxville Police Department says the skeletal remains were removed from the site and were taken to the medical examiner's office.

Officials say it will likely take several days and possibly more than a week to find additional information, including sex, age, identity and how long the remains have been in the woods.

Police say there were no obvious signs of foul play.

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