KPD looking for a possible hit and run suspect

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Someone hit a man on a motorcycle and left him for dead. Local 8 news anchor Lauren Davis talked to the first person on scene.

Shattered glass in the street and broken plastic. It's all from a motorcycle crash. A wreck that left one man in the hospital and another on the run. Dennis Nolan got there moments after it happened. Dennis Nolan says, "The ambulance showed up and 6 police cars. They were trying to find guy who ran him off road."

Police believe that guy drove a silver Nissan Titan truck that looks like this. The motorcyclist, Elbert Sayers told police it was road rage. Witnesses say the motorcycle was headed north on Clinton Highway and that's when a truck possibly hit him. The motorcyclist ended up in the ditch in the middle of the road. Dennis is a rider himself, and can't believe someone could just take off.

Nolan says, "He could have been lying there or been killed. No one knows that until check on somebody"

We just checked on Elbert Sayers, he's in stable condition. Meanwhile, police are combing his motorcycle for evidence.
If you were on Clinton highway yesterday and saw anything, call police.