KPD: officer made "horrible mistake" in West Town Mall shooting

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Knoxville police released new details about an officer-involved shooting at West Town Mall.

KPD says an officer made a horrible mistake pulling the trigger when he shot Abraham Dudley on November 1.

The incident started at 5:15 pm when a 911 caller told police that Dudley pulled a woman into his car, and sped around the West Town Mall parking lot with her legs hanging out. A small child was also in the car.

The witness also told dispatchers that Dudley threatened others by yelling that he had a pistol.

Two officers responded to try to to subdue Dudley.

KPD Chief David Rausch tells us officer Chris Edmonds had to warn Dudley to keep his hands up several times.

But when he told Dudley to get on his knees, Edmonds shot him in the back.

Chief Rausch says Officer Edmonds committed two violations: unnecessary force, and use of a weapon because he didn't follow policy.

Edmonds' finger was on the trigger, and it should not have been, unless he intended to shoot.

"A more seasoned officer generally will make a better decision, but that's just speculation as well. Anybody can make an error. Officer Edmonds is a fine officer, a fine young man. He made a horrible, horrible mistake," said Chief Rausch.

The District Attorney says Edmonds will not be criminally charged. The statement says from the DA says:

"Although I have no doubt that Officer Edmonds subjectively felt justified in the moment the single shot was fired, I cannot objectively conclude that the shooting was justified."

Since the shooting violated KPD policy, Edmonds will stay on administrative leave. But Chief Rausch says he will remain a part of the department.

As for Abraham Dudley, his injuries were not life-threatening. He was also not charged with any crime because the woman declined to press any charges.

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