KPD officers to get new, more powerful handguns

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- For the past decade, Knoxville Police officers have been fighting crime with .40 Caliber Glocks.

A month into the new year, they're looking to trade in the old for new and more powerful guns, a .45 Caliber Sig Sauer.

"It really has to do more with stopping power," said Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch.

According to Rausch, the new guns will allow officers to stop a threat quicker.

Just six months ago, there were three officer involved shootings in Knoxville, one of them requiring deadly force.

"In those incidents, where we do have officer involved shootings, there will be less gun fire in our streets," said Sgt. Shane Watson. That's because of accuracy, he told Local 8 News.

Sgt. Watson and other officers tested for their new weapon of choice, and the highest score went to the .45 Caliber Sig Sauer.

"We had over 100 officers fire the gun and do an evaluation... it was seen by everyone as more reliable, a much more shootable firearm," Sgt. Watson said.

The Knoxville City Council approved the move Tuesday night. The department will trade in their guns for more than 200 new handguns at a cost of $13,500.

The guns will be traded in to Elmer Arms South in Dandridge.

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