KY. house fire leaves 4 people, including 2 children dead

BERRY, Ken. (WKYT) -- A house fire in Harrison County leaves 2 adults and 2 children dead.

The fire broke out around 3:00 Sunday morning, at a home on First Street in the Berry community.

Charlie Tucker's house was also home to his cousin, Nicky Pike and her children. Some of the family members were staying with other relatives Saturday night, but the fire claimed the lives of Charlie, Nicky, and two of Nicky's sons, 5-year-old Cameron and 3-year-old Nicholas. "We're all having a hard time dealing with it," Tucker's aunt Mary Solez said, "Charlie's left a wife and three kids behind, and they're falling apart. We all are."

Each boy was one of a set of twins, and family members say both Cameron and Nicholas had battled cancer. But in a new home surrounded by relatives, things were looking up for the extended family. "Charlie and Nicky was two of the best people that I've ever known," Solez said, "Charlie was one, he'd give you the shirt off his back, and Nicky was the same way. If they had to do without for somebody else, they would."

Family members say Nicky's brother was one of the firefighters to arrive on scene only then discovering that his sister was in danger. "Prayers, that's about all we can ask for is everybody's prayers to help us through this," Solez said.

Neighbors say the family had only lived in the home a few months.

Todd Cockley says with most of the neighborhood asleep, his dogs were the first sign that something was wrong.

Cockley's wife called 911 while he and other neighbors tried to reach the family.

Neighbors believe a kerosene heater is to blame, but the official cause is still under investigation by the Kentucky State Police Fire Marshal.

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