VIDEO: Kangaroo gets loose in Australian parking lot

(CBS) -- Australian police and security chased a three-year-old male eastern grey kangaroo in the Melbourne Airport car park on Monday.

The kangaroo started licking his arms, which is a sign of stress, so a wildlife officer was brought in to subdue him.

Some onlookers said they were happy that tourists could get a firsthand look at the animal.

"Well it's lovely that at a place where so many tourists land one of our national symbols can just be hopping around the car park," said an unidentified local person.

The kangaroo was shot with a tranquilizer gun and was assessed by wildlife officer Manfred Zabinskas.

"Judging by his nail wear he's been hopping around on bitumen for quite a while. Certainly done some damage to his feet, he's in a lot of pain which works to our benefit. It maybe the only thing that stopped him from panicking enough to try and jump over the railing," he said.
Nine Network reported that the kangaroo will be kept in captivity and observed by a vet until it is ready to be released into the wild.

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