Katelyn Norman taken to hospital before planned prom

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JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WVLT)-- UPDATE: Katelyn was taken to East Tennessee Children's Hospital Tuesday after having difficulty breathing. The prom and vigil planned for her will go on as planned. Christy Bailey, a family friend, says doctors are trying to stabilized Katelyn so she can still attend.

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Katelyn Norman is a 15 year-old girl in Campbell County who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She's suffered from the disease for two years, and last weekend got the news it was fatal.

Katelyn went straight to Facebook and posted her bucket list. The community has come together to help fulfill those wishes. The first one was a motorcycle ride. The Shepherds Riders Club, a club that usually rides in honor of Channon Christian, rode to Jacksboro this weekend to take Katelyn for a ride. Unfortunately, Katelyn wasn't able to get on the bike, but the club rode around her in her car.

Tuesday night the school is hosting her prom. The theme is "Katelyn in the Sky with Diamonds." It'll be held at "The Stables" and afterwards the whole town will be holding candles and lining the road as she rides through in a limo.

Saturday, Jacob Gallaher, a volunteer at Children's Hospital, asked Katelyn to prom. She said, "Yes."

The other things on her bucket list were to go to Italy, a kiss, and a dance. However her family doesn't think she's healthy enough to make the trip to Italy. There are a few surprises planned for prom though.

We'll be there Tuesday night for the prom and afterwards for the candlelight walk.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to wear your green on Tuesday for Cancer. Everyone's doing it for Katelyn!

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