Katelyn Norman is remembered

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Katelyn Norman's family is gathering saying their final goodbyes. She's the 14 year-old Campbell County teen who died Friday from cancer. This young girl made such a huge impact in her final days.

Katelyn's big beautiful eyes, hide the pain she was going through, battling cancer for two years. It's a fight many say she won.
School Nurse Sharon Shepherd says, "She was never negative. She never complained."

When she found out her cancer had spread, Katelyn went straight to Facebook and listed her final wishes which included a trip to Italy, a motorcycle ride and a prom among others. Shepherd says, "Only 14 years old and look what she's done! It's amazing. She's accomplished so much in such a small time. In two years she did what everyone would like to do in a lifetime."

The Shepherd's Riding Club went to Campbell County to support her.
Many from her school came together to give her a prom. Even though she was in the hospital and couldn't make it, they brought the night to her standing outside her hospital room with candles. Sheriff Robbie Goins says, "People just kept coming. It was just really touching to see how many people care. We got a small county but a big heart."

Now she's resting peacefully after a brave fight. Now her friends and family will get a final chance to say goodbye.

Katelyn's family will be recieving friends Monday afternoon from 4 until 8 o'clock at the Lafollette Church of God. Her funeral will follow at 8 o'clock. Katelyn will be laid to rest at Bakers Forge Cemetery Tuesday morning at 11.

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