Keeping trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween

KNOXVILLE, TENN. (WVLT)-- Rain isn't the only thing threatening trick-or-treaters Thursday.

Fire is also something that can ruin a good time.

"When they're on a porch knocking on a door, they're not worrying about that pumpkin that's down next to them that has an open flame, they're thinking about the candy they're going to receive," says Capt. D.J. Corcoran with the Knoxville Police Department.

Which is why making sure your child has the safest costume possible is so important and it all comes down to the material.

"Anything with polyester or anything with synthetic man made fibers, those a lot of times will melt. Now, they may not catch fire and they may not flame up like a fire but, they will melt and that causes as much damage to the child's skin as a flame,: says Corcoran.

So we put a polyester costume to the test and sure enough there was never a big flame, but it melted almost like plastic, which could be very dangerous if a child were wearing it.

While fabrics like cotton are still flammable Captain Corcoran says they're a good barrier to put underneath a polyester costume.

And if you're looking to spend a pretty penny, flame retardant and resistant fabrics will slow down the burning process.

"It has material built in place that will prevent it from burning immediately."

And fire isn't the only thing to be on the lookout for, drivers should watch for little ghosts and goblins.

"When they're crossing the street make sure they're wearing reflective tape or a flashlight. Make sure if they have masks they pull the masks up when they're's a fun time but just make sure you're watching out for the kids."

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