Kids camp teaches fire safety in Gatlinburg

Firefighters teach kids how some of their equipment works during camp in Gatlinburg.

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- This week kids in Gatlinburg are getting a chance to have fun and learn safety along the way.

Amanda Perryman, Gatlinburg's Fire Prevention Officer, has worked all year planning the events dozens of kids will do this week. She says from white water rafting to zip-lines, she hopes to teach kids information they'll take with them through life.

"Everything we do we incorporate with part of our job at the fire department. With what we do here and we also teach safety," said Perryman. "When we catch them at an early age they're excited about it right now. They love firefighters and firemen so just the idea of coming here is exciting for them."

Monday, the kids got a chance to ride the fire latter truck 104 ft into the air, try on protective suits, and try their luck at spraying the water hose. Fire Chief Greg Miller says he hopes this is a chance to get kids to understand that they firefighters are there to help when there's a fire. He said sometimes kids will hide under a bed during a fire because they're scared.

"They get to see us in all of our gear with the air pack, the turnout gear and face masks. and they realize that it's not scary," said Miller.

The week long camp is made possible through donations from the community and businesses offering their services.

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