Knox Co. Commission selects new trustee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knox County Commissioner selected Craig Leuthold as the county's new trustee Monday afternoon.

Leuthold, a former commissioner who worked in the property assesor's office as Public Information Director, will finish the rest of the term for John Duncan III.

Leuthold was one of 26 applicants going for the position that became vacant in early July after Duncan III pleaded guilty to official misconduct and resigned.

Commissioners nominated Mike Manning, William Curtis, Frank Robinson and Craig Leuthold. But it came down to Manning and Leuthold.

In a 6 -4 vote, Leuthold was selected.

"We're going to build the trust back one day at a time," Leuthold said.

He told Local 8 News he plans to bring trust and transparency to the trustee's office.

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