Knox Co. Sheriff's Office warning of phone scam

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is warning you of a phone scam.

Since February 27, 2014, 21 people have reported receiving phone calls from a man claiming to be a warrants officer.

Deputies say the man tells the victims that they had received a summons to report for jury duty and failed to show. He threatens that he is going to issue a warrant for their arrest unless they pay the fine by purchasing a Green Dot card and giving him the numbers from it.

Lieutenant Mark Harvey with the Knox County Sheriff's Office said officers will never call to say there is a warrant out for their arrest.

"An officer will always come to your door," Harvey explained.

The calls have so far centered around the West Knoxville area, often targeting elderly people.

The suspect has changed his phone number 60 times, often identifies himself by using the names of actual KCSO officers, and seems to be targeting elderly citizens. His voicemail identifies himself as a lieutenant or detective with the KCSO, and he usually greets callers with “Criminal Warrants.” One victim has suffered health problems following the phone call.

Anyone receiving a similar phone call is warned to not give out any personal information and is asked to contact the KCSO at (865) 215-2243 to file a report.

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