Knox County Mayor involved in salt truck crash

Knox Co. Mayor Tim Burchett
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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knox County's mayor was riding in a salt truck that slipped off the road Friday morning hitting a tree.

Tim Burchett was riding along as the roads were being treated during the ice storm. "We were in a 5 ton truck full of salt and we were still sliding all over the road," said Burchett.

The truck slid off Tarwater Road, flipping onto its side. Neither the mayor, nor the driver, were hurt. Burchett credits the driver. He said, "If he hadn't been as skilled as he was, I think you would be talking to Mayor Tony Normal right now because we were about to roll off a cliff and he got us to a point right next to a big sycamore tree."

It took 2 tow trucks to get the salt truck back onto the road.