Knox County woman warns of phone scam

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Scammers are back at it again. This time targeting a Knoxville woman and offering a government grant worth thousands. She didn't fall for it and wants to make sure others are warned.

It started with a phone call. Nicole Dailey says the man on the other line claimed to be with the Department of Health and Human Services. He called offering a $9,000 government grant.

“He also said it was a one time thing that they were giving away the grant to people that didn't have a felony, low income and had good credit,” adds Dailey.

Before their conversation ended, the man told her to call another number, where a woman would assist from there.

“Then he gave me a confirmation number to give to her saying it was a government grant and he gave me the numbers to give to the lady.”

Nicole says she knew something was fishy, but she called the number anyway.

“She said go to a grocery store, get a Green Dot money card and load $300 on it and once you load the $300 call me back and I'll load $9000 on it.”

She didn't buy the card or the scheme.

Dailey says, “You sound stupid why would I give you $300 to give me $9000 if that's the case take the $300 out of $9000 and send me the rest."

She wants to warn others not to be fooled.
“I know I wouldn't fall for something like that but what about people who do fall for something like this and they're giving up their life savings for people like this to take from them, money that they work hard for."

Dailey says the man on the other line said his name was Joshua Harris. She also contacted police and was told that they've been getting complaints about similar phone calls.

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