Knox County's Mobile Meals program helps keep seniors safe in the cold

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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- For Patsy Headrick and her husband, leaving for food or supplies on Monday would have been tough.

"It's so cold for me, and me with one leg, it's hard for my husband to put my chair on the ramp and all, and it's so slick that we probably won't go out," said Patsy Headrick.

But thankfully, they didn't have to - they're enrolled in Knox County's Mobile Meals program, which brings food to homebound seniors.

Everyone got milk, juice and biscuits to go along with their sausage and egg hot meal. Mobile Meals volunteers said it's the only food some might have all day - and despite some volunteers not being able to make their routes because of the ice, all 825 meals were delivered, thanks in part to those filling in like Beverly Burkle.

"I was worried that some of the volunteers wouldn't be able to get out, because there are volunteers - people that help us that are elderly also that help and I've got the car for it!" said Burkle.

Sometimes, Mobile Meals volunteers are the only people the seniors will see all day, which is why they say the program is so important when the weather gets bad.

"They're really nice people to check on you, and they'll ask you - always ask you how you're feeling and all. They act sincere. I've not got one that's not been friendly, they've all been really friendly with me," said Headrick.

Burkle said she enjoys putting a smile on peoples' faces and making sure they stay safe in the cold.

Mobile Meals organizers said they'll probably need extra help delivering food again on Tuesday. If you can help, call (865) 524-2786.

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