Knoxville Fire Department puts skills to the test

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Learning in a classroom is far different from learning out in the field; it's something the Knoxville Fire Department knows first hand as they train for a possible natural disaster.

The Knoxville Fire Department set up the scenario at an abandoned house on Jacksboro Pike. They placed fake body suits inside the house and then tore through the roof leaving the fire fighters to determine what to do next.

Assistance Fire Chief Joe Hackney said "The wall behind me is leaning and that wall could actually fall on them. They have to go in and make sure the structure is safe before they can continue with the exercise."

Once inside the house the fire fighters will have to move through the crawl space and up to the attic searching for victims.

Fire Captain Dennis Hurst said "It's good training and it gives us some insight on what we have to do if we ever had to deal with a natural disaster."

It's a chance to brush up on skills that will come in handy in the future.

"You'll find out what you really know and how to implement the skills you learned in the classroom to real life." said Hackney

But most of all the fire fighters learn how to work as a team to save lives.

"Teamwork is a big part of what we do because one person can't do it all but if we work together and learn how to work together as a team then we'll accomplish much more." said Hurst

Every year the Knoxville Fire Department works on training exercises and this year they had an even better experience thanks to a house that was donated by the Church of the Good Shepard.

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