Knoxville Zoo's new cub unbearably cute

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An 11 month-old bear cub's meeting his new den mates and getting to his surroundings. Now, zoo officials say he just needs a name and they want your help picking one.

To celebrate his arrival and help raise money for him and the zoo's three other bears Otis, Alvin, and Ursula, their asking you to decide between "Knox," after his new home, or "Monty," after where he was found, Montgomery Co., Virginia. Each vote costs $1.

The latter name was given to him by the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where the North American black bear was born and was taken after he was found last July. Since, then the cub traveled with dogs and has began to show signs that he was getting used to humans.

For now, though, zoo officials say the cub will be on limited display as the staff determines how introductions should progress.

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