Knoxville baby born 12-12-12 at 12:12

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT-TV)--What does 12-12-12 mean to you? For hundreds in Gatlinburg, it's time to get married, others hit the gambling tables.
But only on Local 8 News, we were there to greet the proud parents of
Sandra Alaina Carver born on 12-12-12 at 12:12 at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital.

Tired mom, Sabrina Carver said, " "I ended up having her at 12 o'clock 12 after 12, on the 12th, and the 12th day".

Sabrina and husband Cody told Local 8 they expected little Sandra to be born much later.

"We get back there doc's working you know, they say alright 12-11, alright, it;s pretty close you know, hey how close is he? Keep working, , we're getting it out, it's coming out now, hey there it is, everybody's cheering!"

A baby to remember on a date that will never happen again.