Knoxville firefighters underpaid according to study

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Knoxville firefighters say they don't make enough money. Knoxville firefighters respond to more than 20 thousand calls a year. They're making less than a lot of other fire departments their size. President of Firefighters Association Kevin Faddis says, "We'd like to see it fixed and be done with it."

A new study complete by "Segal Waters" compared Knoxville to Chattanooga, Memphis and Nashville. It found that the city of Knoxville's pay ranges for uniformed fire personnel are lower than other departments. Faddis says, "Right now we have compression in the fire department and that's where people who have been on for X number of years are making more than those who have rank actually."

The president of the firefighters association says this is the second study of it's kind, but the first one done during Governor Haslam's administration. He tells me Haslam promised to make changes, but did not. So he doesn't expect this study will bring change either, but he's not giving up hope. Faddis says, "I feel we're doing a fine job for the citizens and we're just asking to be average."

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero's office declined to comment on camera, but sent us this statement saying: "The Segal Waters data is very detailed, and the findings are summarized in the two final reports that are a combined 242 pages. The mayor and her staff are analyzing the findings."