Knoxville nixes Recyclebank; expects to save ~$90k/ year

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knoxville will end its affiliation with the Recyclebank rewards program starting next month, the announced on Wednesday. It said any household reward points already earned will still be redeemable through the Recyclebank website.

According to the city, its decision to abandon the program came after Recyclebank said it would no longer monitor the amount of waste recycled on a household level and would instead move to a "community-based" system that awarded points based on an average of all households.

“Even before this change, our participation rates were low when compared to the overall costs to the City for the rewards program,” said David Brace, the City’s Public Service Director.

“We expect this change would reduce that participation even further, so working with our contractor we have decided to end our participation in the Recyclebank program.”

The Recyclebank program was maintained through a subcontract with the City's curbside recycling contractor, Waste Collections of Tennessee, Inc., and cost the the city 39 cents per participant. Eliminating the program is expected to save over $7,600/ month or $91,536.12 per year.

The savings are expected to go toward the existed waiting list for household curbside recycling.

Earlier this month, Oak Ridge announced it would abandon Recyclebank as well/

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