Knoxville police increase patrols along greenways

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A new patrol unit will now help keep Knoxville's parks and greenways safer.

The Knoxville Police Department’s Parks and Greenways Patrol Unit consists of nine officers who will patrol 128 park and greenway locations within city limits. Often patrolling on bicycle through the greenways, these officers will be able to reach areas within the City park system that could not be reached by police vehicle.

“This is a proactive effort by Chief Rausch and his staff,” said Mayor Madeline Rogero. “This patrol unit ensures that with our 85-mile trail system and over 2,000 acres of park space, we have the ability to respond to emergencies even on remote trails.”

The Parks and Greenways Patrol Unit duties vary by site, but include enforcing park and greenway rules as well as City ordinances, assisting injured park users, responding to neighbor’s complaints, reporting safety issues for needed repairs, helping greenway users with information, and even removing graffiti with recycled paint.

“Having safe and enjoyable parks and greenways are essential to our citizens,” Chief David Rausch said. “The Parks and Greenways Patrol Unit will enhance the patrols that are already in place throughout the city. These efforts will no doubt have a positive impact in our community.”

This past Monday, June 3, marked the one-year anniversary of the unit. During the past year, the officers have conducted more than 4,400 patrols of City parks and greenways.

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