Knoxville police offer ways to stay safe during the holiday rush

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The holiday shopping season is almost here and that means an increase in shoplifting and theft. But there's some small tips you can keep in mind to protect yourself.

"If you do have a large purse, I would say lock that in the trunk of the car and probably downsize the best you can," said Knoxville Police Sergeant Kelly Tanner.

It's always important to be aware, but especially if you're loaded down with shopping bags.

"Maybe a trip back and forth to drop off a few items. Again locked in the trunk, not in the inside of the car where it's in view," said Tanner.

Besides theft, KPD says aggravated shoppers are actually one of the biggest problems they see this time of year, so they ask that everyone keep calm and courteous during the holiday rush.

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