Crimetracker: Man could face two murder charges for killing pregnant woman

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Police continue to search for the man who murdered a pregnant woman on Wednesday. Now officials say the suspect could face double murder charges for killing the woman and her unborn child.

Thursday, police issued two attempted murder warrants for Brandon Scott Donaldson. Police say he shot and killed 19 year-old Marcia Crider and shot at her mom Pebbles Jones. It all went down Wednesday on Porter Avenue. Police say Crider was inside the house fighting with Donaldson when Crider walked outside. Officials say Crider got in the car her mother was driving when Donaldson fired several rounds at the car. KPD says Crider was shot twice and later died. Now officials say Donaldson could face two murder charges, one for Crider and one for her 13 week old fetus. A new law says any fetus can be a victim.

Police searched Catalpa Avenue Thursday for Donaldson. Knoxville Police Spokesperson Darrell DeBusk says, "We searched everywhere, all areas, ditch lines, a couple homes. We got some information he was here. We tried to stop him, but he took off running."

Neighbors watched as armed cops canvassed the area. Kenneth Jenkins says, "It's just bad. We have to pull together as a community. If someone knows this guy they should turn him in. I would in a flash."

At one point it looked like police had him when they entered a house, guns drawn, but came out a few minutes later with nothing. Even though police didn't find the suspect in this house, they're continuing to follow leads from the public.

Donaldson is considered armed and dangerous. If you know where he is, call police.