Knoxville couple creates magical Christmas light show

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You think you've got the best Christmas light display on the block? Well think again. One Knoxville couple probably has you beat.

Carole of the Bells, a montage of National Lampoons, even the very non-holiday "Sandstorm" - all tunes you'll hear while watching Christmas lights, choreographed to the rhythm.

Kevin Lomneck told us his inspiration for his masterpiece: "Chevy Chase is my hero."

Two miles of lights, homemade decorations, all timed to run in sync with 22 different songs. It gives the house in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation a run for the money.

Each song takes eight hours to choreograph, and they'll run the show through January.

If you want to catch it for yourself just drive by, their address is 1211 East Woodshire Drive in Knoxville.

Oh, and we asked, the electric bill? It jumps up about $100 a month.

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