Lake business not seeing Labor Day boom

Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT

It's been a muggy Labor Day, and a couple of scattered storms over the weekend, didn't make for the best boating weather.

It's not the kind of boom lake businesses usually see over a Labor Day weekend.

"I think because of the weather, people were kind of scared off the lake and so business has been a little slower than anticipated," says Concord Marina Employee, Max Turner.

He says this has been the trend all summer long.

"Usually the summer is pretty steady, this summer with the amount of rain we've had on the weekends has really hurt us. So, business has not been as steady as we like it to be."

For many boaters at Concord Marina, it's a day to clean, pack up and head home.

"People will probably be anchored out this morning, then come back and pack up today," says Turner.

But let's not forget, Labor Day means a day off work for most, and some boaters, like Noah Beeler, aren't letting a little bit of cloudiness keep them away.

"We're going to go down to the sand bar, hang out for a couple of hours, and then head on down to Calhoun's On The River and eat lunch ... after the fog burns out it'll be okay, no big deal."

Now marina's are cleaning up, and getting ready for next summer.

"We just hope for a better season," says Turner.

A season, they hope involves more sunshine than rain.

But they're hoping to get a few more weekends of boaters before the boats actually come out of the water.