Last minute campaigning in the home stretch

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "What's the next house we're doing?" The two college students asked in North Knoxville.

If you haven't met Cayley Turrin and Meara Knowles yet you will soon

They're going door to door stumping for Gloria Johnson and if you're wondering why your house might make the cut, it's because they know more about the way you vote then you do.

"What primary you choose to vote in is public information." Knowles tells me while she pours over a map marked with small red dots, "so if someone has voted in a combination we consider them a presuadable voter."

And while they hit the pavement the republicans are working the phones and handing out shirts in a very busy campaign headquarters.

But they aren't just calling for Gloria Johnson's opponent Gary Loe. They aren't even staying in Knox County. Campaign help has been outsourced.

"We've made 15,000 calls to Virginia." One of the volunteers shouts to us.

They've been asked to help sway voters in key states nearby.

So how much can a last minute campaign really do?

Well consider this, a house that hears from them is 10 percent more likely to vote.

So every ten calls or knocks could be another voter.

With those odds they'll keep walking until tomorrow.

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