Leon Houston back in court facing more charges

Clifford Leon Houston (Courtesy: Knox Co. Sheriff's Office)

Knoxville, Tenn It's day two of trial and a judge threatens to hold Leon Houston in contempt of court if he doesn't follow orders.

On Tuesday the U.S. were still calling witnesses. Already, an ATF agent and a Roane County Sheriff's detective took the stand.

Two Roane County brothers -notorious for making headlines are in trouble again with federal officials. They've beaten murder charges in the past but they may not be so lucky this time. On Monday, Leon Houston began to defend himself in a US court.

Houston says the charges against him are all a part of the government's conspiracy.

For that reason, Houston has filed 16 lawsuits against federal judges. He says thanks to the constitution he has rights to own firearms.

Back in January agents say Leon and his brother Rocky Houston were arrested on federal charges and picked up by U.S. Marshals. Monday the U.S. submitted more than five weapons into evidence.

Prosecutors say they were all loaded when found. During opening statements the US admitted putting up a camera - watching all of the Houston's activities for weeks. Houston argued that was an infringement on his constitutional rights.

If convicted, Leon Houston could face 10 years behind bars.

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