Local Hostess workers support striking co-workers across the country

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)- Workers at the Hostess Brands bakery in Powell are showing support for striking workers at other Hostess bakeries nationwide.

According to union members, more than half of the bakery's workers are taking part in a picket line, joined by striking workers from Jacksonville, Florida.

Union representatives say contract negotiations between unions at other locations have broken down, and that could have a negative impact on workers throughout the company.

Worker Henry King tells Local 8 News that employees could take a thirty percent pay cut and have already lost their pension.

"Right now what they're offering is unacceptable. We know the company's in a bad way and in bankruptcy. They put their own self into it and their asking their employees to bail them out."

Today, Hostess Brands announced they are shutting down plants in Seattle, St. Louis and Cincinnati, following strikes at those plants. That will put more than 600 people out of a job.

The company says the strikes prevented it from getting enough work done.

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