Local church donates more than 100 smoke alarms

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A blaze can spark at any moment putting you and your family in a life threatening situation.

Just last week two fires in Hamblen County took the life of a 4-year-old his grandfather and another woman.

Now, West Emory Presbyterian Church is doing its part to keep something like those fires from happening again.

"We raised enough to buy 150 fire alarms," said Rev. Miki Vanderbilt, with the West Emory Presbyterian Church.

She says it's important to give back to our first responders and the community.

This small congregation of about 75 reached into their pockets and purchased the alarms, they were given to the Knoxville Fire Department Sunday.

"As citizens call, if they're in need of a smoke alarm, the fire department is happy to go out and install them," says D.J. Corcoran with the Knoxville Fire Department.

These detectors could mean life or death.

"These smoke alarms are the first line of defense for folks to survive a fire situation," he says.

Anyone living within Knoxville city limits can get one these alarms, if you already have one, now is the time to check the batteries.

"We set our clocks back, that's a time that firefighters would always like to remind people once you change your clocks to change your batteries or test your batteries in your smoke alarm to make sure they're working properly. Smoke detectors do save lives period."

This church is hoping these detectors will do just that.

"It's been a blessing for us and we hope we can be a blessing for others," says Vanderbilt.

If you would like a smoke detector you can call the fire department at 865-595-4672.

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