Local man wins big on 'The Price is Right'

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The famous phrase "Come on down" was music to one local man's ears when he was featured on The Price is Right Wednesday morning.

Paul Kampwerth from Knoxville met up with family and friends at The Bearden Field House to watch his game show debut. He wore the same shirt that he wore that day complete with his bright yellow name tag.

Paul and his wife went to California in November and finished up their trip with the Price is Right taping. They got the to studio bright and early to wait in line and possibly get on the show.

After hours of waiting they went in and within a few minutes Paul was up on contestant's row!

"I was the first person they called! We were sitting next to a group of people with blue shirts on and I had my bright orange Tennessee shirt on; so I think I stood out from the crowd." said Paul

He spent almost the entire show on contestant's row until finally he got on stage by bidding the closest price of a DVD player.

But that's not all he won; he won a brand new Toyota Scion after correctly guessing the price! Now that the show has aired he will get his car along with a hot tub and a tax bill for all the prizes!

Remember you can always catch The Price is Right weekday mornings at 11:00.