Local union is striking at Cummins Crosspoint

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Knoxville diesel mechanics are striking at a local shop. It's not about better wages, but the union is bargaining for seniority rights and more reasonable insurance plans.

Members of Teamsters Local 519 braved the hot, humid summer day to fight for their rights. Cummins Crosspoint Employee Kenny Lloyd says, "It's got to the bottom of the line and something had to be done "

They're upset at the way Cummins Crosspoint in Knoxville is treating them. For them its not about money, but about seniority, layoff rights and insurance. Denny Styles says, "The company has refused to bargain in good faith or to bargain at all. They walked away from bargain table. We had no choice, but to come out here and strike."

Most of the workers have been on strike since tuesday, leaving the shop short-staffed. Lloyd says, "The skill is walking the line. The people manning shop is uncertified."

It looks like this strike won't end anytime soon. Styles says, "We will go as far and as long to get a fair contract."