Long list of deficient bridges

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- It didn't look like it was going to collapse under me.

The cobblestones may have been loose but it didn't feel unsafe.

Actually it was quite pleasant.

The ramp onto Gay Street from Jackson Avenue has been around since 1919. A piece of Knoxville history.

But out of a possible 100 points for sufficiency it got a 2.

Sufficiency rating is a complicated formula that looks at the structure of the bridge and its surface. It also looks at the intersection it sits on and how often its used.

A 2 isn't the number you'd like to see. And it isn't alone its one of hundreds on a TDOT list of deficient bridges.

Deficient doesn't mean unsafe, the ramp is still open, but it is an important word now more than ever.

President Barack Obama wants to aggressively fix some 70,000 deficient bridges across the country and he's willing to spend $50 billion to do it.