Lynn's Law could change abuse punishments

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Nineteen years old, mentally disabled and abandoned hundreds of miles from home.

We first told you about Lynn Cameron almost six months ago after her mother left her to fend for herself at a bar in Caryville. Now we know, officially, that her mom will not be charged.

We asked the District Attorney Lori Phillips-Jones if she expected the Mom's actions to be criminal. "A normal person would expect that conduct to be criminal." She told us.

But it wasn't.

See the law now says the adult has to be physically abused, which she was not. Or have suffered mentally, but with Lynn's mental development that of a three year old, it would be hard for the state to prove she suffered at all.

Essentially she was too disabled to be covered by a law designed to help the disabled.

"My motto for this case", Phillips-Jones says, "is all the right things happened for the wrong reasons. If Lynn had been left in a hotel without food for an extended period of time we wouldn't have troupble prosecuting under this statute ."

That loophole could end though.

State Representative Dennis Powers has been working with the District Attorney on a new law.

"Lynns law" which makes abandonment illegal.

They plan on filing the bill before the February 14th deadline and believe it will be ready for the Governor to sign by July 1st.

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