"Lynn's Law" hits Nashville

JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WVLT) --- A bill designed to protect those that cannot protect themselves from being abandoned by caretakers is being introduced in Nashville for the first time today.

Lynn's Law is named after Lynn Cameron, a 19 year old who's mental handicap left her with the mental capacity of a child. Cameron was driven to Tennessee from her Illinois home and abandoned by her mother at a small, windowless bar called "The Big Orange Bar."

Lynn's mother could not be prosecuted because "abandonment" is not illegal in Tennessee. It is only illegal if her life was endangered, and because police responded so quickly and handed her over to Child Services her well being was never in question.

The law named after her would change that though. Making any 'abandonment' illegal.

The bill is being introduced in the Judicial Subcommittee by Representative Dennis Powers.

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