Major meth bust in Anderson County

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT)-- U.S Attorney's Office announces charges and arrest for 42 people involved in a large methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution operation.

The announcement was made by representative from the U.S Attorney's Office, Anderson County Sheriff's Office, Knox County Sheriff's Office, Drug Enforcement Administration, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Methamphetamine and Pharmaceutical Task Force, and other local law enforcement agencies.

The police allege that the Meth operation was running since 2004. The players and locations changed during that 9 year stretch.

The most recent arrests came this week, one of them at a home less than 1000 feet from Claxton Elementary School. All those involved face several charges including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute Meth.

The decision was made to charge all 42 federally because the sentencing guidelines are stricter.

If found guilty each person could serve a minimum of 10 years and a possible life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The following is a list of those arrested:

1. Lawrence Wilbur Scriver, a.k.a. Stoney, 45, of Lake City;
2. Stephen Michael Conner, 46, of Knoxville;
3. Christopher Ray Farmer, 51, Clinton;
4. Thomas Gene Wright, a.k.a. Tommy Wright, 40, of Lake City;
5. Shaun Jeffery Williams, a.k.a. Cowboy, 26, of Heiskell;
6. Crystal Gail Barnes, a.k.a. Crystal Plemons, 36, of Powell;
7. Layla Leigh Bean, 32, of Powell;
8. Jeffrey Scott Braden, 36, of Lake City;
9. Lisa Charlene Bullock, a.k.a. Lisa Taylor Bullock, 36, of Powell;
10. Kevin Jason Ingram, 41, of Clinton;
11. Derrick Ray Farmer, 33, of Clinton;
12. Ron Walter Austin, 36, of Andersonville;
13. Brandy Danielle Braden, 30, of Lake City;
14. Cassaundria Nichole Sweat, a.k.a. Cassaundra Sweat, 27, of Clinton;
15. Ronnie Gene Murphy, 41, of Knoxville;
16. James Edward Bean, II, 32, of Oliver Springs;
17. Marty Lynn Ivy, 37, of Heiskell;
18. Shinna Marie Rutherford, 33, of Caryville;
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Public Information Officer (865) 545-4167
19. Kimberly Frances Baker, 24, of Maryville;
20. Aaron James Burress, 32, of Clinton;
21. Junior Lee Phillips, 58, of Clinton;
22. Shannon Marie Ruffner, 28, of Lake City;
23. Aaron Wayne Snelson, 30, of Clinton;
24. Sheena Jean Snow, 26, of Powell;
25. Timothy Scott Stewart, a.k.a. Bodine, 41, of Powell;
26. Kasey Dawn Miller, 33, of Lake City;
27. Breanne Angela Leighton, a.k.a. Bree, 22, of Lake City;
28. Gregory Jason McCollum, 37, of Harriman;
29. Allison Nicole Miller, 27, of Clinton;
30. Donny Lee McGhee, 41, of Lake City;
31. Jonathan Richard McQueen, 23, of Gallatin;
32. James Perry Phillips, 33, of Lake City;
33. Joseph Hunter Jacobs, 23, of Clinton;
34. Michael Lee Jackson, 33, Oliver Springs, Tenn.;
35. James Delaney Bazzoon, 33, of Knoxville;
36. Justin Michael Ford, 26, of Lake City;
37. Junelle Elaine Jerrell, a.k.a. Debbie McGee, Debbie Levon McGhee, 60, of Lake City;
38. Stacey Yvette Jett, 44, of Knoxville;
39. Jessica Ruth Davis, 28, of Knoxville;
40. Brandy Nicole Grahl, 29, of Heiskell;
41. Walter James Lee Griffith, 30, of Powell; and
42. Lindsey Shawntae Bailey, 25, of Washburn.

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