Crimetracker: Man accused of shooting motorcyclist has preliminary hearing

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT) -- Rodney Scott is accused of nearly killing two motorcyclists, J.R. Tinsler and Tyler Lakin, because of road rage.

On Tuesday, Tinsler told the courtroom Scott cut them off in his black SUV while on I-640 and later tried to hit Lakin.

Then things got worse: "He tried to swerve over and hit Tyler again. And then we got to the stop sign, light. We stopped. He rolled his window down and screamed out that he hates motorcyclists," said Tinsler.

He said they started following Scott to try to get his license plate information.

"Before we even got to the stop sign, he immediately put it into reverse, backed up and hit me," said Tinsler.

Tinsler said they kept following him. Joe Jackson saw what was happening and followed too, later calling 911. Tinsler said they wound up at Scott's home on Mary Emily Lane, where they stayed on the street as Scott went inside. He said Scott came back out waving two guns in the air.

"Tyler had his hands up and he just shot Tyler twice," said Tinsler.

That's when Tinsler said Scott started shooting at him, too.

"I ran behind a tree and called the cops. I turned around, he walked back over to Tyler - Tyler was laying on the ground with his hands out, face down, and he shot Tyler two more times in the back," said Tinsler.

The judge found enough evidence to send Scott's case to the grand jury. But Scott's attorney said Scott was scared, and thinks the attempted first degree murder charges are too harsh.

"A 65-year-old man being followed home by two 20-soemthing motorycyclists for at least I think maybe 15 minutes on the road through all of these stop signs and all of these stop lights - I think there's a duress factor that would lessen the charge, even if there is a charge," said John Boucher, Scott's attorney.

Tyler Lakin said he's forgiven Scott and hopes for a positive outcome for everyone. He said he's recovered from the shooting and is doing much better.

Scott is free on $25,000 bond.

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