Man charged with arson let go; key witness arrested

A shocking twist in an arson investigation. The man blamed for setting the fire, free. The person who accused him is in jail.

Investigators told Local 8 News Matthew Bishop made up the entire story and had several folks backing him.

"My honest opinion I can't put on TV. He's crazy," said Carol Haskin who lives nearby.

That's how the man accused, Donald Manns, feels as well.

"I think it's B-S because I didn't do it. I'm trying to pick up the pieces and clear my name," said Donald Manns, who was falsely accused.

For more than a week Manns sat behind bars and now he's out, wondering where he'll live.

Neighbors don't understand why Bishop would do this.

$15,000 in damages and one arrest later, neighbors are just happy the fire didn't spread.

"Kids are irreplaceable. Just the thought of their life being in danger from a house fire - I can't believe he would do something like that," said neighbor Mike Freeman.

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